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Announcement of Three New Members of the Heritage Roll of Honour

The OVA Committee is pleased and excited to announce three new inductees to the Heritage Roll of Honour

An Archivist’s Challenge!

For reasons best known to educational leaders at the time, no year books were published for the years 1919, 1926-1936, 1941-43, and 1952-1960. 

A Noble Magpie!

John Noble, who recently made his debut with Collingwood, is the son of former student, David Noble (SVC 1976-85). 

Cycling Stars!

Two former students, Scott Bowden (SVC 2008-11) and Nathan Earle (SVC  2003-04) competed in the 2019 Cycling Tour of Utah. 

Swimming the English Channel

Congratulations to Jason Osuchowski (SVC 1992-95) and Matthew Atkinson  (SVC 1994-97) on becoming the first Old Virgilians to swim the English Channel. 

Warren Lucas – A High Achiever!

In 1995 St Peter’s School became the St Virgil’s College Junior Campus. Warren Lucas (SVC  1995-1998) was in the last group to go through that establishment under its former name. 

100 Years

Celebrating 100 Years in 2017


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